INSIGHT’s “Website Promotion” Concept

When we meet with clients, we are committed to offering promotion plans that can “touch people”. To accomplish this, we must live up to the following 2 principles: First is to “understand our clients”. And second, is to “ensure the plan can indeed touch targets”.

Therefore, when faced with this challenge and requiring these two elements, “website advertisement” becomes the new solution since they are able to target specific website visitors. Making good use of research results has become crucial because it will directly affect the ROI (Return on Investment) of marketing campaigns.

Understanding our clients’ targets is the first step. Using our exclusive research system, IN-SEARCH, we can generate possible targets’ needs, followed by careful research and analysis as a confirmation. Furthermore, our second principle “touch people (targets)”, is directly correlated to successful advertisement outcomes. The measurable results are also one of the merits of web promotion. Long ago, it was once a world where “advertisement = branding”, but the world has changed and it is not like that anymore.

By making use of our IN-SEARCH system, we can provide you with accurate market analysis showing the demographics of who were moved by the ad, leading to a better overall business result.