INSIGHT’s “Direct Marketing” Concept

Advertising promotions like DM (direct mail) and flyers distributed by post, are sent directly to people. Both of these paper mediums have a common problem - people do not read them. “Some were even thrown away before being opened,” some clients explained.

Why did these flyers end up in the garbage? Is there any way to have them at least read? Nowadays, there is a tremendous amount of media, television, newspapers, magazines, flyers, and DMs, all pulling at our very limited time. How can we decide which to spend time on? Does this mean that paper media is becoming obsolete? At INSIGHT, we believe that “That’s not true.” With a little imagination and some adjustments, we can turn the tables on this situation.

For example, despite how well a DM was uniquely designed it would be a total waste if people did not open it. Therefore, we thought, “Why not add some creative element and design DMs that people would be interested to open and read?” INSIGHT is the only company which designs “Special DMs”. Please refer to our DM works (English portfolio is currently under construction). You will soon discover why our DMs can better deliver messages for our clients. Through our exclusive DMs, you are able to open people’s eyes and successfully send your message into their hearts.

As for flyers distributed by post, the effectiveness can be lower than expected due to flood posting, which results in mistaken target audiences. To avoid this, INSIGHT provides an exclusive service called “Po-Search” (Posting Research System). We are able to narrow down and isolate targets into the areas where they live or work to achieve the best promotional outcome. We welcome you to contact us and experience the best DM promotion solution for yourself. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our proven “Special DMs” and what it could do for you and your business.