INSIGHT’s “Total Promotion” Concept

Total promotion includes a wide range of promotion methods including creative plans, promotional events, selling floor space layout, as well as traditional paper mediums and digital media. In order for our clients’ products and services to shine through, it is our duty to arrange the resources properly to achieve the maximum effect.

One of INSIGHT’s strongest points is to listen to the voice of consumers using our proprietary investigative system, “In-Search”. Using marketing key words such as “What kind of products are in demand in the Sapporo area?”, and “Where are the touch-points of certain product categories?” we can directly pull "hints" from consumer groups. We have to first understand the "hearts" of consumers, their lifestyles, choice patterns, and preferences before we can come up with the right promotion plan.

We follow this up through initial concept to creative work, media design, and public events, providing you with well-planned promotional strategies specially customized for your business needs.

A good promotion should touch the consumer’s heart and entice people to spontaneously want to learn more. Today, there are relentless waves of different media pulling for our attention. How can consumers filter out which message to trust? The concept of “touching the consumer’s heart” is becoming ever more crucial. It is our pleasure to meet this challenge and partnering with you to best customize a promotion plan that meets the needs of you and your organization.

Our duty does not end there. We have to ensure that your message did indeed reach and touch the consumers. Again, we will use our exclusive In-Search data system to hear from the target consumers. By using the detailed results, we are able to determine the trends and adjust accordingly for your next promotion plan. Using this method, we are able to streamline the PDCA (Plan > Do > Check > Act) cycle and achieve the most effective promotion possible.